About Luciano "Luc" Marano

Luciano Marano is a Seattle-based photojournalist, reporter and author.

He has covered news events throughout the Seattle area and Kitsap County, and his award-winning reporting, both written and photographic, has appeared in numerous national and regional publications. 

His short fiction has also been featured in a number of print, digital and audio outlets. Visit the "Bibliography" page to learn more, and for links to works available online. 


Luciano grew up in East Brady, Pennsylvania, and moved to Pensacola, Florida, after high school, where he joined the Navy as a mass communication specialist (photographer/ journalist).

His time in service included tours of duty in Hawaii and Everett, Washington, including one Western Pacific deployment aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, where he served as photo editor and contributing reporter for the ship’s newspaper. After opting out of reenlistment, Luciano earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in commercial photography at the Art Institute of Seattle.  

He likes movies (especially horror and documentary films), jogging, craft beer, reading, oldies music and traveling to new places. If he could have any superpower, he would choose Wolverine-style regenerative abilities (and also the ability to grow Wolverine-style sideburns). 

Luciano can be reached at Citmyway11@gmail.com